I am an engineer and technical writer. If the fit is right, I want to be your technical writer.

Here's what I do:

Write, edit and organize information. Because I've worked as an engineer and project manager I enjoy and relate to "all things technical"—the people, the workplaces, the language. My experience in technical settings helps me to deliver work that's more relevant, more meaningful and simply more usable. From chaos to clarity, I put things in order.

Great outcomes. Project managers, engineering managers and many others have said, "Having an engineer do our technical writing got us a better result, more quickly, more efficiently and with far less involvement of our key people." For you, my client: Efficient process. Great deliverables. Less stress.

Beyond the page. I get the required result but try to deliver more. With a content strategy mindset, I look for opportunities to supercharge my work by aligning it with your mission, your vision and beyond. Want efficient? Want effective? Want deliverables supported with relevant visuals, video or graphic design?

Call STEM Clarity.

Effective Technical Writing and Editing

How do you define high quality content? Experience dictates that it must serve the audience and the business, getting results for both.

So, get results! Let's work together to develop high quality content that engages your audience, with a content strategy aimed at business results.

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eLearning via Great Instructional Design

Leapfrog your competitors. Smash annual goals. And with us, discover eLearning that works because it's founded in solid instructional design principles that benefit all stakeholders.

More than words. Clear, concise training leads audiences to engage, learn, retain and use. With new understanding they'll elevate their skills, their work and your company.

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High Quality Video Production

A great vehicle to get your message out, video leads to remarkable, measurable results.

A power tool. There are good and bad reasons to invest in video—detailed planning with experienced producers will make all the difference.

We invite you to discuss the possibilities, your possibilities, with us.

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Your Project

All clients have visions for their projects. Some have vague ideas, others have detailed specifications. However, clients tell us that there are times when the technical writer gets in the way. What happens?

Challenges with technical writers. First, clients have cited technical writers'  inability to grasp "tech-talk"—many aren't "technical" people. They simply can't make sense of advanced technical topics—the substantive language, terminology and structure. Second, skill gaps. Technical writers have varying tools, skills and proficiencies. This can create project development limitations in areas such as web development, UI, graphics and visual design. And finally, the person. Soft skills such as communication, trust-building, time management and accountability often get in the way of deliverables or the technical writing relationship.

Exceptional outcomes. It's our mission to create client relationships beyond the aforementioned issues. Our ongoing education, deliberate practice and commitment to excellence help STEM Clarity to earn repeat clients and produce high-quality project deliverables.

Next Steps...

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Let's open a dialogue. We'll share how we've helped others and how we can create exceptional technical writing outcomes for you.