I have a tech-writing project in mind—where do I start?

I ask project managers to think about outcomes, i.e., if we fast-forward and you look back on a successful project, what would it look like? Some basic points to consider are length, audience, budget, media (print, video, audio; one or all?). Further, what will this project accomplish for you and how will that be measured? Call us to fill in the blanks and provide an end-to-end understanding of project execution.

What makes your company unique?

Our experience and writing is technical, sometimes really technical. Frequently, a tech-writer's background is non-technical. For some project managers this makes communication difficult as the writer struggles to understand the depths of the subject and its context in the overall message. In their attempt to write for a given audience the writer may stumble, miss critical information or clarify beyond what's necessary.

Briefly, what are your top services?

Our core service is technical writing for technical clients, with the availability of in-house audio and video production, graphic design and illustration.

What input will you need from us?

Your involvement, at least at the beginning, is critical to get strong direction. We're able to move forward with minimal direction and set approval milestones along the way. Projects and clients differ and we adjust accordingly.

We do this in-house. Why outsource technical writing?

Outsourcing decisions vary by company, department and project manager. There are many good considerations including these:

  • deadlines
  • experience/writing expertise
  • aggravation
  • creative abilities, when applicable
  • branding/graphic design skills
  • video/photography production expertise

Many companies call on us for periodic support, others for ongoing project work.

Ready to find out more?

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