A Diverse Portfolio

Because technical writing yields unique deliverables, our portfolio examples are as diverse as the companies for which they were created.

Understandably, many clients prohibit public display of technical writing project work. So, when we meet with a new client we offer a diversity of past work examples to provide a point of departure, foster discussion, and lead to innovative ideas for future projects.



Operation Manual

This Power Analyzer Operation Manual was written to assist users of electric-powered, radio-controlled aircraft.  Most of these people were hobbyists, so the manual simplified a very complex topic and enabled users to quickly monitor and improve the performance of their electric flight system.
(28 pages)




An advertorial (advertisement & editorial) showcased an accomplished ophthalmologist and high-end eyewear dispensary. This was published in Rhode Island Monthly magazine and accomplished the goal—to build substantial brand and community awareness.
(1 page)




A one-page FAQ used by sales representatives when calling on facilities managers who were largely unfamiliar with "door project" repair services. This FAQ acquainted them with common situations leading to a service call.

A business building tool, it was effective with new prospects and to educate existing clients about the full scope of services.
(1 page)



Portfolio - Real Estate Leasing

This was a promotional brochure in the form of a hard-bound book. It targeted space-leasing prospects and included interior and exterior photography, architectural plans, testimonials and a map. Over 100 were printed and mailed to prospects. Architectural photography was part of the project.
(22 pages)



White Paper - Premium Door Hardware

This white paper was directed at facility managers and clarified the value of premium upgrades to door hardware.

This was an invaluable sales tool and helped prospects to better understand door hardware and make distinctions between standard and high-end purchases.
(4 pages)


Video - Software Training

This video production was one of many developed to acquaint new software users with terminology and software use.

This example is brief, but showcases many video production elements including screen captures, custom graphics development (the background), scripting and professional voiceover.



Job Aid - Software Onboarding

A job aid is "a hands-on guide to job performance" used when and where it is needed. This job aid simplified a tedious and error-prone procedure for 10+ supervisors—to update 216 clinician sign-ins at multiple sites. Quick. Simple. Well-received.
(1 page)



Software Training - An Introduction

Onboarding training helped doctors and clinicians to embrace the features of new software. Equally important, it revealed specific user benefits. This document ended with a glossary that simplified new terminology.
(10 pages)



Software Training - How To Get Started

Used in medical clinics, a detailed explanation of the workflow within this specialized software product. The screens were carefully annotated to progress through a typical patient visit, helping users to become familiar with various use cases.
(40 pages)