Our Technical Writing and Editing

Words are written for a reason: Fix a problem. Lower risk. Help clients to use a product more effectively.

At STEM Clarity, we're here to develop meaningful words and content. That means we get the right message to the right audience at the right time. The buzzword for this is "content strategy"—we call it thoughtful writing. In brief, we create useful, usable content that's aligned with a bigger purpose.

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Our eLearning and Instructional Design

Workplace changes happen continually, and often they happen quickly. When they do, people need help. While off-the-shelf training may solve some problems, customized training offers unique benefits including the ability to fully align with company goals.

Maximize every aspect of your training with engaging learning backed by thoughtful strategies that get results.

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Our Video Production

Video production works well in so many ways and offers an exceptional ability to engage audiences with content that's relevant, useful and actionable.

With video, the foundation to great outcomes is scripting. Our content is written to focus not only on audience engagement and the "next step" but also your company and actionable outcomes that lead to your success.

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Clarity beyond words

Sometimes technical writing is simple—that's it, project done. But often the message is complex and needs clarifying support. That's when other media make a big difference:

  • video production
  • audio production
  • graphic design
  • illustration
  • photography

Fortunately, STEM Clarity is prepared to design and produce these resources. This in-house capability creates project efficiencies and a simple, direct journey to the finish line.

Next Steps...

Many projects are clearly defined and free of ambiguity. Others require collaboration and development of a plan or SOW (Scope of Work).

Need help, ideas, or both?

Get in touch with STEM Clarity.